• This is my graduation work from China Academy of Art. It is a "3-D" flash game. The concept is during our four years university life, everyone has different attitude to life and study. Some person chooses study hard, someone choose play hard. You can click and choose your option in different questions relevant to life choice, then it will tell you your personality you are belonging to. Give you a summary of your four years university life.
  • The whole screen is a horse. Because in 2013 most of graduate students are born in horse year. Horse represents us and our spirit.
  • We use "code" this concept because we are interactive design major, code is relevant to our focus. We use different shades ofred and green to make a "3-D" look. The lines and spots are elements can represent the feature of code.

This work won:

  • Silver Award of graduation work of China Academy of Art in 2013.
  • The 14th Platinum Originality National University Students Graphic Design Competition 2013 Award of Excellence.