I got an inspiration from a TED talk called a million secrets. I combined with my daily doodle and some personal thoughts to create this story.

It is a narrative story of 'My Secrets', revealling the dark secrets hidden in the bottom of the heart.
In this big world, we are the lonely seeds. People become less caring and passion to each other. Everyday, we wear the masks to face our life, society and the world. Slowly by slowly, we lose ourselves and don't know the meaning of living. We depress. We harm ourselves. we enjoy only talking to oursleves. We keep so many secrets and are not willing to share with others. This is our little secret world,which expresses our senstive emotion. I would like to share some of my secrets, what about yours? A big thank for artist Isaac Holland, my inspiration.

I am very thankful for my professor Steven Mark Day. He gave me a lot of encouragement and help with this project.